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Welcome to Purnima Globaltech Fabricators & Suppliers of Scientific & Laboratory Instruments,  Hospital Furnitures

Purnima Globaltech is being recognized in fabricating & exporting worldwide various & categorized ranges of products comes under Educational, laboratory, scientific, surgical & medical division which are requisites for school, colleges, universities, hospital, clinics & most importantly international market under our trade mark.

Since the foundation of our group, we have established over the time to serve every need in the industry. What hasn't altered however is our assurance to accuracy and quality.


As all know that in this industry every micron counts. Our firm belief in excellence has resulted in constant up gradation of skill and growth of the existing production facilities to meet changing and exacting demands, Which means having the best of men and machines.

Educational Supplies


Lab Supplies

Hospital Furnitures

Wimshurt Machine

A tabletop model for generating high DC voltage and demonstration of working of a Wimshurst machine...

Human Skeleton

Size : 170 cm life size.

Made of PVC plastic.

Removable arms and legs.

Features nerve branches, vertebral artery and herniated lumbar disc.

Biological Microscope

Excellent flurescent image with infinitive optical system.

LED illumination with 50,000 hours life expectancy.

 No need for cooling system and protection device due to LED cold light source.


Erlenmeyer Flask NM

Erlenmeyer Flask NM (narrow mouth) graduated and marking spot. Available in 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000ml

Stereoscopic Microscope

Binocular viewing microscope body interpupillary distance : 55-75mm ...

Biological Microscope

Excellent flurescent image with infinitive optical system.

 LED illumination with 50,000 hours life expectancy...

Metallurgical Microscope

Infinitive Optical System Providing Excellent Optical Functions. With the stable stand structure ...

Polarizing Microscope

With the features of streamline and stable frame, easy operation and complete functions, polarizing ...


This meets the majority of the small capacity centrifuging requirements of medical practitioners ...

Laminar Air Flow

The Horizontal Laminar Air Flow provides product protection within the work area...

Digital Anlytical Balance

External Calibration

A built in under hook for below weighing

Easy to read Backlight LCD Display ...

Laboratory Hot Plates

These hot plates are precisely developed by our highly capable professionals utilizing top quality basic material and advance technology...

Hospital Beds

Mechanically operated, two sections, perforated CRCA sheet top bed: One Lever handle at foot end...

Examination Couch

Examination Couch Constructed frame chrome plated square steel tube, adjustable headrest...

Examination Lamps

Arm : approx. 75 cm.

Voltage : 220 V.

Bulb : 75W incandescent bulb.


Operation Theatre Table

Electric Operating Table

incorporates the requirement of all position for general surgery and certain special surgical procedures.