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About us

Purnima Globaltech is being recognized in fabricating & exporting worldwide various & categorized ranges of products comes under Educational, laboratory, scientific, surgical & medical division which are requisites for school, colleges, universities, hospital, clinics & most importantly international market under our trade mark.


Since the foundation of our group, we have established over the time to serve every need in the industry. What hasn't altered however is our assurance to accuracy and quality. As all know that in this industry every micron counts. Our firm belief in excellence has resulted in constant up gradation of skill and growth of the existing production facilities to meet changing and exacting demands, Which means having the best of men and machines.


We also welcome any custom designs, so as to assemble the product according to end User’s specifications and requirements. This sense of belonging has brought Purnima Globaltech to attain new heights of success.


Our motto is end user’s satisfaction. We are determined to provide our client with premium quality product


Dedication to the service of science, education, health and industry is the rich heritage of the company which continues today and will be fostered in future too.



Our main objectives are to get introduced in new markets with reputation and develop innovative products for Research, Health and Education.


Our missions are to change the existing business practices to more fair, transparent and genuine, which are aimed at development and expansion, of the organization with utmost honesty. We try all the time to provide consistent and high performance products, friendly and honest customer services and reasonable prices, using our realistic yet innovative approach.



We endlessly improve our quality management system through strict quality controls in all manufacturing and purchasing process to meet our respected buyer’s requirements. Through our R&D cell, we always keep up our efforts in research and developments to be competent in an advancing & ever increasing marketplace.



Dedication, fast efficient services, competitive prices because of controlled overheads. Thus every product is “Value for money” with absolute warranty.



Education Aid equipments

Laboratory & Scientific Supplies

Medical, Surgical & Hospital Equipments

Biological Models, Microscopes, Microscopic Slides, Charts

Laboratory Glassware & Plastic ware


We concentrate ourselves in made-to-order solutions, wherein the specifications provided by the customers are changed into actuality.



Cannot compromise with quality, workmanship and don't entertain bargaining although remain the most competitive in the market across the seas and around the world. We have the products for every need and budget.

We assure you that a fleeting look of our product gallery will make you find out most of the products which you are looking for. We will be incalculably obliged to you for your positive response & enquires.