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Educational Supplies

Slide Box

Slide grooves are smoothly cut. Made of wooden or plastic.

Equipped with a printed index card for titles. Available for 25, 50, 100 Cap.

Aids Virus Model

HIV virus model is enlarged millions of times, shows the outer lipid membrane with protein structures and the internal nucleus which contains the viral hereditary matter [RNA].

Ear Model

5x life-size, plastic ear model, dissectible into four parts.

Mounted on plastic base.

The temporal bone reveals the middle & inner ear chambers.

Human Head and Neck L.S.

Natural size shows sectional view of head, brain, nose, mouth, pharynx, larynx and vertebral column of the neck, on base, with key card.

Human Skeleton

Made of hard, white plastic.

Mounted on stand. Articulated and wired joints such as hands and feet in large model. Available in sizes : 46, 85, 170cm

Human Male Pelvis

Median section. One half of male genital organs with bladder and rectum are removable, the other half is shown at the normal position in the male pelvis. On board, with key card.

Scalpel Handles

Made of forged one-piece stainless steel for cutting cartilage and other tissue. Satin finished handle.

Overall length 150mm, cutting edge - 38mm long.

Magnifier Folding

Comprised of one to three convex lenses, each of which is mounted individually in black plastic rings of diameter approximately 30mm.

Magnification is 5x, 10x and 15x.

Slide Glass

Clear microscope glass slide. Size: 25 x 76 mm. Thickness 1 - 1.2mm.


To run 30 hours in vertical or horizontal position and to carry weights, with clock movement based on heavy metal stand.

Micro slide Cabinet Wooden

A wooden cabinet for keeping 75 x 25mm. glass slides in vertical position in wooden grooves individually provided with index cardholder and lock.

Dissecting Set

Biological instruments set consisting of 14 instruments housed in velvet lined Rexene covered wooden case. Contains following:

Scissors 2 Nos.

Forceps 2 Nos.

Needles 4 Nos.

Scalpel 1 No.

B.P. Needle with blade 1 No.

Razor 1 No.

Magnifying glass 1 No.

Chain and Hook 1 No.

Blow pipe 1 No.

Also Available in 7, 8 and 18 instrument set.

Plankton Net

Made of No. 12 standard silk bolting cloth, 125 mesh per sq. inch 89 cm. Long net suspended by muslin reinforcement to a 24 cm. dia. ring. Three braided leaders attached to swivel front. Tail of bag with 2 cm. opening closed by trying cloth tape placing glass vial.

Double Demonstration Eye Piece

For perfect vision, for teacher & student. Covering the entire field, there is a pointer being visible for both the viewers. Supplied is a nice case.

Model of Hydra

A longitudinal section showing detailed structure of the body wall, nematocysts, hypostome, mouth, tentacles and gastro vascular cavity. Also showing the testes, ovary and a portion of tentacle in T.S. An accurate and three dimensional model mounted on stand, with key card.

Overall dimensions 370 x 235 x 580 mm.approx.

Dissecting Tray

Made of Stainless Steel. Available in sizes : 20 x 15 cms., 25 x 20 cms., 30 x 20 cms., 38 x 30 cms., 46 x 30 cms.

Jar Coplin

For staining slides with dyes.

Has five grooves to hold 10 standard (l x w), 75 x 25mm slides back to back in vertical position.

Plastic body with domed threaded screw cap. Approximately 114mm high.