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Educational Supplies

Ripple Tank

It consists of a framed tray with a plexi glass base with detachable legs. A set of 4 metal barriers or reflectors is included consisting of a pair of straight barriers 150 x 25mm, a curved barrier of 215mm chord length x 25mm high and a short, straight barrier of 25 x 25mm. A set of four loose gauze strips are provided to minimize the unwanted reflection from the sides of the tank. The ripples are produced by a small 1.5 to 4.5V D.C, electric motor mounted at the centre of a 330mm, waxed wooden wave generator bar with a row of holes to mount the spherical dipper supplied.

Powell’s Wave Machine

It is for the demonstration for the movement of progressive transverse waves. It comprises 22 small balls on wire rods, with eccentric motion attachment, with driving handle and fitted on polished wooden base.

Alligator Clips

Alligator clips w/ insulation and screw terminals

Westminster Kit

Consists of 8 anisotropic alloy magnets, 8 ceramic ferrite magnets, 4 steel magnet yokes, 6 plotting compasses, 4 hardboard formers to take compasses, 1 bottle iron filings 250 gm, 4 dispensers for iron filings ,4 double C-cores, 4 clips for C-cores,4 aluminum rings,4 aluminum split rings,4 armatures with axle tubes,4 aluminum axle rods, 8 split pins, 16 rivets, 4 formers for coils, 4 reels cellotape,4 reels copper wire, 4 sheets white pasteboard,4 plain postcards,4 reels white cotton thread, 1 length latex rubber tubing, 4 each resistors 100 ohms and 10 ohms,4 support bases,10 m.e.s.bulbs, 8 mes bulb holders,1 wood clamp, 1 wooden block, with instructions.

Electroscope Pith Ball

For demonstrating the attraction and repulsion of electric charges.

Consists of an insulated brass pillar and hook on a base.

Supplied with two colored pith balls and attached strings.

Demonstration Meter Interscale

Moving Coil with accuracy of +-2.5%. Basic Sensitivity of meter is 5mA, 100mV. The meter can be used to demonstrate the working principle of AC or DC ammeters or voltmeter with the interchangeable plastic scales. It is in plastic case 300 x 150 x 300mm with glass rear and front molded

Battery Holder

Battery Holder 1 x "D" Cell for series and parallel circuits

Tangent Galvanometer


It consists of bakelite ring 162.5mm overall diameter wound with three coils of insulated copper wire with 2, 50 and 500 turns mounted on a black bakelite molded platform fitted with 4 terminals. There is a compass box acts as magnetometer mounted at the centre of the ring.

Slide Wire Rheostat


Made of oxidized resistance wire of copper nickel alloy.

A bakelite slider carries a phosphor bronze contact.

Metal end supports with provision for screw mounting.

8.0 Amps 5 Ohms, 8.0 Amps 5.6 Ohms, 6.2 Amps 11 Ohms, 4.4 Amps 22 Ohms, 3.0 Amps 40 Ohms, 3.1 Amps 44 Ohms, 2.0 Amps 89 Ohms

Wimshurt Machine

A tabletop model for generating high DC voltage and demonstration of working of a Wimshurst machine. It can also be used with various electrostatics accessories. It is mounted on a base with rubber feet and 4mm sockets are provided on it. It consists of hand operated crank and has two Leyden jars which can be connected or disconnected as per the requirement.


Economy electric meters (+/- 2.5% accuracy) mA-milli ammeter uA-micro ammeter.

AC/DC Ammeter Meter, AC/DC Voltmeter, AC/DC Voltmeter

4-Stroke Petrol Engine

Air cooled, four stroke, with operation of valves clearly shown. Mounted on a polished wooden base with schematic diagram, overall height 450 mm approx

Acrylic Lens & Prism

Supplied in a wooden box

Set includes one each of double concave and convex lens; semicircular and trapezoidal block; right angle and equilateral prism.

Optical Bench Wooden

A wooden base board with one meter scale divided into mms. with following accessories .:

1 each White face object & receiving screens each 150x100 mm,with aperture, mounted on wooden base with an index mark.

1 Plane mirror 150 x 100 mm mounted as above

1 Lens holder V shaped, wooden.

1 Needle vertically mounted in a short wooden rod, on base.

1 Candle holder on base.

Newton Color Disc


Multi-coloured disc mounted on metal stand, rotated by a hand wheel.

Optical Disc

A 500 mm dia. disc marked every 5° is mounted on a heavy stand and is rotatable around its center. It can be held in any desired position. The lamp house, with a 12V 24 W special filament lamp has rotatable slots to provide light beams of varying widths & also narrow single, double & triple beams.

Reading Glass Magnifier

In metal frame with plastic handle

Dia (mm) F.L (mm) Magnify

50 100 x3.5

60 150 x2.5

75 200 x2.25

100 150 x2.5

100 200 x2.25

Ray Box Set

Ideal for light refraction, reflection, dispersion experiments.

Supplied with 12V AC/DC power adapter, 12W lamp, 2 metal slit plates, four colour filters and six one-face frosted acrylic locks.

Reading Telescope

Fitted with an achromatic objective of fl 175 mm. clear aperture of 23 mm and x8 Ramsden eye-piece with a cross- line graticule. The focusing is done by rack & pinion arrangement . Mounted on heavy metal stand.

Meter Rule

It provides Horizontal reading, double scale, both edge divided in millimeters figured every centimeter, scale reading in opposite directions. a) One Meter Long b) Half Meter Long

“G” by free fall apparatus

Consists of two units, each mounted on a plastic base which can be clamped to a 12 mm dia. retort stand rod. The solenoid unit ensures prompt release of a metal sphere on de-energizing. The gate switch unit comprises a hinged steel plate held against an adjustable contact by a small magnet so that by proper adjustment, the plate falls promptly as soon as the falling sphere falls on it. Complete with stand.

Conductometer with Five Metal Rods

For demonstrating the different heat conductivity of five metals by observing the melting of wax.

Consists of five rods, 75 x 5 (L x D) mm of aluminum, brass, iron, copper, and stainless steel which are radially fitted on a brass disk.

Stainless steel rod is fitted in a wooden handle.

Linear Expansion Apparatus

For accurately measuring the coefficient of linear expansion of electrically conducting materials such as copper, brass, iron rods.

Consists of a frame of thermally rigid material consisting of two die-cast end pieces connected by two steel rods which appropriately hold a plated brass pipe (l x d), 500 x 25mm.

Liquid Convection Apparatus

For demonstrating the phenomenon of thermal convection in liquids caused by temperature variation.

Consists of a rectangular shaped borosilicate glass tube (w x h), 15 x 21cm with a funnel shaped opening at the top for filling liquids.

Thermal Conductivity of Metal Apparatus

Strips of four different metals fixed on a wooden ring of outer diam. 130 mm and each having a depression for putting wax.

Bar & Gauge

It illustrate expansion of metal on heating and contraction on cooling, with steel bar of length 100 x 10 mm and plated brass gauge with a cut-out to just accommodate the bar and two holes through which the bar passes when cold.

Magnetizing & Demagnetizing coil

For ordinary magnets, iron bars, strips etc. It Consists of a 250 mm long solenoid wound with insulated copper wire and mounted on a base, with switch and 4mm terminals. Operating voltage is 12 V A.C. or D.C. at 6A max.

Demonstration Compass

For studying magnetic phenomena such as operation of a compass, finding of magnetic poles.

Consists of a magnetized steel needle about 150mm long with brass bearing pivoted on a non-magnetic metal stand.

Biot’s Apparatus

Spherical conductor on insulating stand with two hollow hemi-spheres, each with insulated handle, to show that electrostatic charge resides on outer surface.


It consists of Plated brass,each conductor on insulated stand.